TextSpark Offers Powerful Features

TextSpark Offers Powerful Features

  • Clean, Beautiful, and Distraction-Free Interface
  • Fun and Playful Co-Writing with Your Personal AI Assistant
  • Never Deal with Writer's Block Again
  • Write Up to 10x Faster in Your Own Voice
  • Outline and Organize Your Work with Sections and Notes

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If you can dream it, TextSpark can help you write it.

If you can dream it, TextSpark can help you write it.

TextSpark AI is a playful and fun co-writing tool that keeps you in the writing flow, helps brainstorm ideas, and can help you write up to 10x faster without sacrificing quality.

Authors all over the world are already using AI tools to augment and accelerate their writing process, and now you can too!

Using TextSpark is as easy as pressing a button: just sit back and watch as our AI co-writer scans your last few hundred words and recommends another sentence for you while retaining the context, characters, and tone of your scene.

It's like writing with a helpful buddy next to you, except TextSpark never argues with you if you don't like its suggestion.

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TextSpark Features

Free to Use

With our Basic (Free) account, you have access to a rapidly-expanding professional suite of writing tools, 300 AI-generated words every month, and unlimited projects with absolutely no commitment

TextSpark Writing Tool

Our feature-rich and professional writing platform offers all the tools an author needs to launch their next book

Creative Idea Generation

Generate hundreds of original character, plot, or title ideas in minutes that are specific to your setting and story

Section, Projects, and Notes

Carefully plan, structure, and organize your story with our professional planning tools. Arrange your book into movable sections and plan each scene with section notes, and then keep track of different projects with project-level and marketing metadata

AI for Everyone

You don't need to be a tech wizard to use our AI co-writer! With scaled pricing models for every type of author, TextSpark is the first AI platform for writers that's accessible and useful for everyone

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When it comes to words, TextSpark speaks your language. If you can dream it, TextSpark can help write it. What are you waiting for? Check out the magic!

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