There are three huge benefits of using TextSpark in your writing process that help you produce a great story faster than ever before while making you an even better writer! In this post, we'll talk about how you use TextSpark to overcome some of the biggest challenges faced by authors of all skill levels and also to help refine your writing craft as you go.

Pushing Through Difficult Scenes

A little-talked about dirty secret of writing is that ALL authors have sections of text that they struggle to get through because they just don't like writing it, and it's different for everyone. For some writers it's dialogue that always feels like it's not quite as exciting as we'd like, and for others it's struggling to describe the details of a cityscape that's necessary to establish the mood.

We've also all had those moments where we either don't feel like writing in the short window of time we have for it or we're not excited about finishing a scene that we know our story needs. But you've probably also experienced the feeling of momentum that builds when you just start getting words down.

TextSpark is fantastic for this. You can use it to "spark" yourself into action and just get those critical words down that you can polish up later, forcing yourself through those moments when you'd normally stare at your unfinished scene for half an hour, getting more and more annoyed that you're not actually writing.

Smashing Writer's Block

Many of us have slammed directly into writer's block before, and even experienced authors sometimes run into situations where they're not exactly sure how to move a scene forward! You might know where you want things to end up, roughly, but the path from where you are to where you want to be is murky.

Often this leads to procrastination as you avoid the problem and whittle away your precious writing time. You go and get a cup of coffee, take a "quick break" to check Twitter, or go for a walk and hope it clears your head enough that the answer for what to write next comes to you.

Instead of wasting time waiting for inspiration to strike, you can just ask TextSpark to suggest how to continue the scene for you, trying different lines out until something clicks and you see where it needs to go! It's always easier to see whether a direction makes sense once you have words on the page, and TextSpark can help you put those words there.

If you like the suggestion, you can keep guiding it toward that outcome or just finish it off yourself. This is especially helpful when you're experimenting with types of scenes you've never written before and don't have a lot of experience writing.

Improving Your Writing Craft

TextSpark is extremely useful for honing your writing craft for several reasons: It's almost always grammatically correct, doesn't make typos, and doesn't drop or repeat words. This can help you improve your spelling, grammar, and style in ways that make life easier for both you and your proofreaders and present a more polished finished product to readers and publishers!

It also pushes you to use words and phrases that are outside of your comfort zone even though they match the tone and style you're writing in. By reviewing the suggestions provided by the AI co-writer as you go, you get the chance to see how new turns of phrase or new words that are unfamiliar to you might fit into your personal style and expand your range as a writer.

Similarly, by developing a sense for the AI suggestions that do or don't make sense in your story, you improve your editorial eye and push yourself to think about which of your own sentences do or don't fit the scene you're trying to portray.

Not only is TextSpark really fun to write with, but over time it makes you a better, more well-rounded writer whether you're using the AI co-writer or not!

If you haven't signed up already, what are you waiting for? Your new favorite writing tool is right in front of you. Get started now and check out the magic!