The Benefits of Using TextSpark

Using TextSpark can help your writing process in ways you never even imagined! Read this post to find out just a few of the awesome benefits of writing with TextSpark.

TextSpark Tip 1: Scene Priming

TextSpark offers the best suggestions when you set it up for success. Learn how to help teach it about your scene with the "Scene Priming" technique!

TextSpark Tip 2: Type Framing

Learn how to help TextSpark get your character personalities right when it suggests words for your scene by using the powerful and simple "Type Framing" technique.

Tips and Tricks for Using TextSpark

If you're new to TextSpark and just getting started, you might be wondering, "How the heck do I use this thing to get the results I want?" Good question!

TextSpark Tip 3: Word Herding

There are lots of different ways for a scene to play out, and TextSpark won't necessarily know which one you want. Learn how to use "Word Herding" to make sure you're guiding it in the right direction as you go!